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Shalom U'bracha!

You are invited to be a partner in a new and exciting venture - the creation of a web conference chabura that will meet to examine real-life issues and the aspects of the Torah that relate to them. Please view this not simply as a unique online shiur, but as a forum for ideas, a vehicle for growth, and a powerful means to connect and reconnect with very dear chaveirim.

You can watch and listen to previously recorded web chaburas here.

We ask you to contribute, not your money, but your mind and heart; engaged. We ask for the wisdom of your experience and for your unique perspective. We ask you to give all you can in the arena of ideas, bravely, boldly, with respect, and with love for the truth as you see it.
[Some sample topics - Self-esteem, finding happiness, our relationship with others and with Hashem]

The web chabura is hosted on Sundays at 8:30PM EST for essentially 35 to 45 minutes.

Please complete the form below to be notified of upcoming web chaburas.

Please send any suggestions or questions to Additionally, please share this with anyone who is not enrolled in a yeshiva full-time who you assess can properly benefit from, and contribute to the chabura as a true partner.

We look forward to hearing from you!

B'kavod V'ahava Rabba

Yehuda Shmidman
Aryeh Goldman
Yoni May

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